Sunday, July 26, 2015

Epo-ditorial Special - When the Hobby Flame Dies Out (On Cosplay Events Expectations and Disappointments)

Disclaimer: The comments and opinions that are mentioned and summarized in this blog are from a personal perspective  and some people who attended a recent cosplay event here in my city. This post is not to bash on any person or organization that has something to do with a particular event in question. For clarifications, the comment section is open. Hoping that this blog post will help people in any way-- from organizers, cosplayers, to event participants alike.

[caption id="attachment_1711" align="alignnone" width="400"]The Dashcon Ballpit--- because everyone deserves an extra hour! The Dashcon Ballpit--- because everyone deserves an extra hour![/caption]

Ever had the feeling of being scammed before? I guess all of us did-- from the items that we buy, the services that we avail, and so on. When you're a con-goer or a cosplayer participating in a particular cosplay event and it didn't meet your expectations, of course you will feel that you've been had.

It's really sad that you have put all your efforts to participate and attend the said event but went home disappointed, angry, and frustrated. Just who wouldn't be? You see people going around and following certain rules and mechanics but in the end, they don't make any sense. You stood up to ask for clarifications, but fell on deaf ears. There are people who deserve the recognition but due to the topsy-turvyness of everything, even they became victims themselves (the cosplayers).

When you are given responsibility to control the stage, use every initiative to at least make an effort to keep the event going! It is understandable that it's not an easy task but the participants and audience are expecting to attend a lively and worthwhile event. If the MC (Master of Ceremonies) isn't really giving much energy, then the event is a fail from the beginning. But I still give a thumbs up for those individuals who make sure to keep the event on its feet rather than giving the floor to someone who can't even make an effort to connect to the partner MC's conversation while the program is ongoing. But still, there's always a first time for everyone I guess.

There's a reason to why some people do not wish to participate in cosplay events now. It was different back then-- competition was not in the minds of people and people didn't aim to topple others because of selfish things like fame, recognition, and the related. If only organizers should pay more attention to what is more important (other than growing their morale and keeping their mutual connections on top of their "organized" competitions), then people would definitely come back.

To cosplay organizers, please be open-minded enough and stick to the rules and mechanics implemented for the particular contests because it's very frustrating to everyone that some people won because they are mutual to some particular parties. Well, I know these people in question are not fully at fault here-- but it pains me to know that some reputations and connections of people have been distorted already due to these obvious biases.

If you remain clean to what you guys are doing, then definitely no further issues would escalate and more people would come back to your events next year (if ever you plan to organize again).

To the participants, if you feel that the competition is just not in a fair game from the start, keep going. Why? Because only true diamonds shine more than the fake ones. If you like to back out from joining, that's fine. Whatever the decision you make, it's yours and yours alone.

To conclude this Epo-ditorial, it was the first time in so many years that I was frustrated of the outcome of a particular event. I hope that with all the things that I have mentioned here would be helpful not only to cosplay enthusiasts and regular convention goers but also to cosplay organizers. Remember that you have not come this far without the enthusiasm these parties have made to make your event epic-- so please give them what they deserve the most!


  1. Indeed! And this is why in other countries like Japan, they flourish. They are One Big Happy Family.