Saturday, July 18, 2015

Epo-ditorial - Limits (Part 1 - All's fair in Love and... ?)


In this month's Epo-ditorial, I will be discussing a very broad topic that ordinary human beings sometimes forget-- and that is limits. Limits. Limitations. You get the the point.

Before I proceed, I would like to remind everyone that some of my statements can hurt real bad-- but please bear in mind that I'm not pertaining to certain people in my connections and I'm sharing my thoughts in a neutral perspective or my current view on the present situation of our society.

This Epo-ditorial will be divided into parts. I will do my best in my willpower to finish all the parts. I understand that a lot of people don't like to read long paragraphs of thoughts so I decided to separate them into series for easy quick reading.

The Definition of "Limitation"

To simply define limitation (in relation to this here article), imagine it like a wall or a barrier between two people (or groups of people) or a marker to indicate that this is how far you should go. One wrong move and you're out (though the situation still depends though).

Sometimes when someone's at their limit, they just keep quiet. Some however, can't take their steam out by just shutting their mouths off. They explode, they give the cold shoulder to the people who made them like a boiling teapot, and cut off their connections completely with them.

Limitation on Relationships

When a relationship doesn't seem to go well, let go. Period. No but's. No excuses. Let go.

I am not saying we can't give second chances to people, but this would really depend on the damage of the said relationship. Reality check: before you even had the nerve or even think about having a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you were living a contented life by yourself. So saying and ranting stuff that "you can't live without a relationship", "you can't live without him", "You can't live without her", "My is life is now crap ever since he/she left", grow up.

Love happens when it happens at a time and day that you do not expect. Or maybe-- you just want to have a relationship for other intentions. IYKWIM*

What really bugs me is that some people still seek the attention of their former lovers regardless if they have already called their relationship off. Bugging them and watching his/her every move on social media. For what reason? Because you think you guys will be together again? This is no mere soap opera that you (the so called "main character" of the story) get the scenario that you want in the end. If the person doesn't love you anymore, then leave.

If the person appeared to be an asshole in the end, of course you have every right to leave that bastard. You deserve a better life and stop clinging to people who just give you false hope. Wake up! Because that's not how the world works-- that's not how love works. Aside from this, it's absolutely rude that you have to stalk the new better half too. You know that if you go too far, they might press charges on you-- who knows. We'll never know.



his has been alarming on social media lately and I really need to get this out-- it's even sadder because it's women who are doing this dirty kind of a trend.

It's sad to say that there are some women that  though (regardless if they have a f*cked up relationship or not), are fishing for men's attention. Whether they are in ways like simple selfies, status posts, tweets, or whatever that would be-- they will do almost anything to get the guys into their side and manipulate them to get the things that they want.  White Knights? Fapboys? That depends.

If you're a guy reading this, please don't be fooled by the majestic feathers of a peacock. I am not saying that all women around do this but just at least be self-aware of the people whom you are interacting with (especially online). Besides, why would you waste your time over individuals who just want you for your fanboy hormones and not because of who you are? Your choice.


As mentioned earlier, everyone has their own respective limitations on certain things. It's either you have to ride with it, rant about it, or distance from it.

I hope that this discussion has helped people in any way. I know it's lengthy but enough to voice out things that a lot of people are also experiencing at present. I know it's not possible in getting these people out of our borders but at least you know the right things that you must do. To these people, all I can say are two simple words: Good luck.

Onward to my next Epo-ditorial...soon!

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