Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Epo-ditorial: On Love, Friendship, and Social Media

All is fair love and war-- and friendship?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="385"] “When you grow as old as I am you can’t any longer say this was someone’s fault, and that was someone else’s. It isn’t so clear when you take a long view. Blame seems to lie everywhere. Or nowhere. Who can say where unhappiness begins?”[/caption]

(Before I begin my Epo-ditorial, that gif at the top is from the recent Ghibli movie "When Marnie Was There". If you haven't watched it, then you should. Blu-ray's out and yeah get tissues because I cried so much with this movie.) Also, I would appreciate it if people would share their sentiments about this matter. It means a lot to me. Hope you enjoy reading.

Over the past days (perhaps even months or years), I have been struggling with a couple of "episodes" of sadness and depression due to individuals that just get away with my life. As much as I wanted to hide it but these are present in the current connections that I have. It's sad, really. Even the people that I'm once close with and interact with online are starting to drift apart.

This is why I am starting to think engaging too much in Social Media is both a blessing and a curse. When something goes too well, we get all too happy and giddy. The same impacts levels happen when the opposite occurs. The most hurtful thing a person can ever experience is when the person that you were once close to no longer interacts with you anymore. Busy with work and other things are excusable but what if the person has "better people to talk with instead of yourself"? It makes you think that you were just being used to get better people. If that's put into a romantic perspective, it's almost like cheating someone because this person is better than the previous.

I know that people are going to criticize me for "being selfish" (in a way) but how would you feel if your trust was betrayed? How would you feel that the person that you gave all your heart into just breaks it? What would you do if someone just uses your "friendship" to get another person? It's tiring for both your health and for your emotions. When a person's fed up, you know how they'll end up-- dead (inside and outside).

With that said, I might be distancing myself from social media and focus on other things. They are other ways of communicating with each other (and I prefer personal messaging now than broadcasting out in the feeds). So I'm not going to do another disappearing act like I always do back then. I'll just go somewhere else, be alone, and just try to at least keep living until something else happens.

Now that you have read this Epo-ditorial, go on with your life. Be with the people that you care the most. If you have true people in your life, please do not betray them. Do not leave them. You don't want to end up miserable and full of regrets because you didn't really spend much time with them. "Love until it fades, love until it hurts."

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="386"] I feel you, Marnie. The world is cruel. :([/caption]

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