Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 and Beyond (LINKED2015, Drafts, and Travel Plans)



In case you haven't noticed, I no longer do manga and anime reviews unlike before. The reason obviously is I really don't have the time anymore (I guess?). Currently preoccupied with other hobbies and I'm dealing with a whole lot of backlogs both with my fandom life and at work.

Heartless Eponine's Endless Draft-athon!

So far, my Cosplay Mania 2014 blog post is in draft and as well as my "rant on a certain topic" post. Now I'm starting to feel guilty that my Wicked Manila adventure last 2014 has not been published as well (to think last month was the "anniversary" of that Manila trip). I am not sure when will I be able to publish these here but I'll do what I can to get this blog updated as possible.


So there were two events that happened recently. First was my father's birthday and second was LINKED 2015. But in this post, I will be discussing about the latter.

LINKED 2015 is a gaming and hobby event that happened for three days at the Limketkai Center Rotunda from January 30 to Feb 1, 2015 organized by RELIC (Rig Enthusiasts' League of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro). I personally attended the event to give moral support to my friends who were part of the event especially from CDO Toyzone (they put up an awesome display of Figmas, Iron Man armors, Gunplas, and other collectibles) and CDO Kintaku (they organized the cosplay event which happened on the last day of the event.) Aside from the things mentioned, there were also other events like gaming tournaments and a free-to-play World of Tanks booth.

LINKED Cosplay

I have to be very honest here-- attending cosplay events has been quite a while for me! I'd consider this my first in 2015 and like the majority of the events that I attended way back, this was quite satisfying (minus the pain of standing up for almost the entire day from start to finish, and the limited space of the venue).

As I noticed, a lot of people were satisfied with the last day of the event. It was the perfect opportunity to meet up with old and new people (especially those that you haven't met for quite a while). The emcees were good too and I believe that they have the potential to do more awesome things in the next events to come. I also appreciated the dance performances of Candy Canidae (CnD). I noticed the group has new members in the bunch and they have potential. Kudos to them!

Like their previous organized cosplay events here in the city, CDO Kintaku has done it again! All-in-all, I have no regrets in attending this year's LINKED event and I can't wait for the next one! Congratulations to all the winners and the cosplayers who participated.

Travel Plans

Some of my friends noticed that I no longer joined in cosplay competitions for three consecutive years now. I can't deny that I've focused my budget on travelling (for now). Cosplay Mania 2015 is on my list as well as the Manila International Book Fair this September. Plus another travel plan which I will no longer mention. I though this list is still very tentative but I do hope these will push through~

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