Friday, December 12, 2014

Into the Woods Movie to Premiere in the Philippines this January 28, 2015

Considered to be one of the most anticipated movie adaptions of the popular Broadway musical, Into the Woods is said to premier in the Philippines this January 28, 2015. Directed by Rob Marshall and produced by Walt Disney Pictures, the movie had its early preview in the US last December 8, 2014 and its target premiere date will be on Christmas Day, December 25.



It is expected that Pinoy musical fans would be disappointed with this one month delay. But it seems to be clear that this is caused by the Metro Manila Film Festival season where movie theaters are prioritizing the premiere of all Philippine movie entries in this period. It's like Les Miserables all over again right?

Regardless of the delays, this movie is worth the wait-- just hope this festival ends sooner though.

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