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Epo-ditorial: When Managers (and co-workers) make you pack up your luggage



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As this article is posted, it is Black Saturday. It’s Holy Week here in the country so technically it’s either you are out on a vacation somewhere or just stay at home waiting for the week to go back to normal. In my case, I’m staying at home waiting for Monday to go back to work again.

Just a few weeks ago, I was hired to a new job and I consider it a big blessing for me. I have a great working environment, a great job (I write web articles), fun workmates (though I must admit that I am still not super close to them but they are a fun positive bunch), and an awesome boss. I am almost near to my one month in this new company and I’m loving it as the days progress.

So why the negative title? I decided to share this because I know that people who are employed can mostly relate to me. Though you love what you are doing, there are just some people around you who don’t see the same way as you do. Before I was blessed with this awesome job, I previously worked for a BPO company since last 2013. Not to brag but I was one of the people who excelled there. I promoted quite a few times until I finally was a regular employee.

But some things were off. First was my immediate supervisor. I understand that you are doing your job but personally putting or accusing me for something (like slacking off at work) and humiliating me company-wide for things that didn’t go too well is just something that is just way out of the line. Yes, I know that you keep me interested by these so called offers and praises but as a human being, what you have been doing to me and perhaps to the other co-workers is something that is totally out of control.  A true boss is at least open-minded on things. When I left, I never told you the main reason just to shove it into your face that it is you that has a problem and you really need to do something with that mood swing attitude of yours. And Betchabygollywow, just because both my parents have a job and we are in a middle-class type of living doesn’t mean that I slack off at work. I take my work seriously. The reason why was because there are some things that my parents can’t afford for them to buy for me. So I voluntarily looked for one to lessen the burden of expenses.  When work-related matters are concerned, there are just some situations that are just out of my hands.

I do sometimes agree on that belief that there are no such things as bad employees, only bad managers and bad working environment.

Ok, moving on to the work environment and the people. Frankly speaking, the place just reeks with gossip and backbiters. There is one agent who just gives you a glare or a mean sarcastic comment because they think you are unique and of course new in the bunch. One thing, that’s unfair. Another thing, they say that they’ll be there to help you but at the end of the day, they would only give you a cold shoulder. Personal observation, the reason why most people don’t seem to stay there longer was because of the people and the working environment they are in. Just who would want to stay in a toxic working place for longer? Nobody does. Like a human being should, I wrote my resignation letter and made a formal exit.

So I left the company around early February to start anew. On my very few months of being unemployed, I was able to encounter another complicated human being (which would be discussed in a later blog). So if you are in a workplace in which you can’t stand the pressure anymore due to an abundant of reasons, you can always stay and endure it, you can always leave and look for something better. Mind you that both choices are gambles but rest assured that there might be a good ending on one of them.


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  1. I do pray you'll be happier in your new workplace, Epo. :)