Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello 2014

After a sudden disappearance, I have returned to Wordpress to get back on the thing that I liked the most: Write about about random stuff, random ramblings that people mostly wont always talk about in real life. My inactive-ness was the effect of having a job for quite a while, went away from your hometown to watch a musical, and social media. While I'm currently working part-time as a writer (well, I don't consider it a "job" honestly, I call it helping out) as I wait for bigger opportunities to come, I decided to waste my time here and to definitely blab about something. So expect some frequent updates from now on. Since there have been so many backlogs so most of my posts would probably be opinions about certain things. But regardless, I will still continue to post stuff under the sun. Happy (late) 2014!

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