Sunday, March 16, 2014

Epo-ditorial: The feeling of being an on-hiatus Cosplayer


So this is officially my first rambling for 2014. So before I get into otaku-related updates on later blog posts, I decided to discuss about my current feeling right now of being a laid-back person who is stuck in-between: in-between continuing to cosplay and to officially quit from the hobby.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="219"] me as Alphonse Elric (circa 2011)[/caption]

I started cosplaying since 2008. Since the past years, Cosplay has greatly bloom like daises. Honestly, the feeling is just great! I have got to know people: cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike, formed great connections because of it, and I got to witness the great benefits of engaging in it. Not only it is fun, it allowed the people around you to look outside of the box and to snap them out that in this day and age there are new ways to express yourself and one of them is this here hobby. I am proud of it and it's great to know that I got to know some very kind and great people because of Cosplay. I may not be the best or well-known, but the experiences are like great stepping stones for me as a person and I cherish every moment of it.

But since last year, I was beginning to ask myself why am I not that much excited to be engaged into it anymore. Not that I am bashing it, it's just that I am starting to lose my urge -- and my touch. Whenever there's an announcement of a cosplay event coming up, I only get the "ok" feeling and not the "Omg! Great! Awesome! Can't Wait!" feeling. Not sure if I can blame the full acquirement of my college degree, the busyness and pressure caused by my previous night-shift job, or perhaps my laziness to do the things that I want to do.

Perhaps it can be the hobby's related environment here. Not to be rude, but I do admit that some people are engaging in the hobby to get attention (with matching "I don't even know the character but I just cosplay this character anyways because it's cute, or pretty, or popular) , and at the same time people just take it too seriously that it takes almost one-half or three-fourths of their entire lives. I tell you this and I did learned it and realized it myself: your world will not always revolve around what you love. You still got a family to remember, some obligations that you need to make in your life, and at the same time the reality that some people just cannot accept those types of conversations all the time. Yes, it's a hobby but please do understand that not all the people around you can relate to the same level of interests as you. So being bitter about the negativity that you get doesn't really count at this point. Aside from loving what you love, you also need to love yourself and pay attention to the people and the environments that you encounter everyday. I tell you: You'll be left behind -- considering if you are sticking to the right people and to the right situations that is.

Of course, always keep in mind that what you love will always stay with you by heart. It depends on how you manage it with the other parts of your life pie.  Maybe the reason why I decided to slack off (for now) was mainly I am in that stage of "resting" or perhaps waiting for a spark of inspiration to come up. Whenever that motivation is kicking in gear, don't let the people around you get you down or discourage you to move forward again. Remember that you loved this hobby from the very beginning you set foot on it and you are never too late, too young, or too old to set foot on something that made you someone better once again.

But as the days went on, I love the feeling of watching an event with no heavy things on your shoulders, eyes or cameras not pointing at you -- you are just there enjoying the event as a spectator with your friends and supporting the people who are still into it or new ones still getting into it. This said spectator perspective is something new to me and I decided to remain like this until I finally get enough strength and motivation to get back into Cosplay again.

There are no bitter feelings or reasons for the sudden "halt" but I am pretty confident that the urge of the time when I first got hooked into the hobby will return to me soon. The people you have known because of it will still be there and definitely will not fade any sooner so if ever you are in the brink of hiatus, just sit back, relax, take your time, give moral support, and hope for the spark of motivation to get back to you again.

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