Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sailor Moon - the Return of a Legend

As the holidays continue to give us the chills of anticipation, I am very much excited for the return of the most well-loved heroine of Japanese Animation in the 90's -- Sailor Moon!

Image is owned and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi, Creator - Sailor Moon

So yes, Sailor Moon will have a new anime either this month of 2013 or next year of 2014. Old and new fans of the franchise are slowly blooming once more. But a lot of people asked me why I am just so hyped up about it knowing that this series was old. You know what, you are never too old or too young for Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon is a story of a girl named Usagi Tsukino. An ordinary girl who is at first a bit of a klutz, a crybaby, and flushes out her problems in the world with food. Her life seemed to change forever when a talking cat named Luna told her that she was a reincarnation of Princess Serenity. Luna then gave Usagi a magic apparatus that would transform her into Sailor Moon. The story progresses as she meets the other Sailor Senshi, dealing with situations between saving the world and living like human beings, and keeping the sacred bond of loyalty and friendship.

I rather not talk about further into the plot and story for the benefit of people who have not watched the series yet and read the manga that was based from it. I do proudly admit that Sailor Moon was particularly the reason why I got such a great interest on Anime, Manga, the entire Otaku culture as a whole. Though there are times that the series or sequences tend to be redundant and cliche but during our innocent years as youngsters, we don't seem to give a bother about it. This unique combination of storyline and character designs will never seize to amaze you and just give you that soft nostalgia feeling of your childhood when you're older. That is particularly how I love the series and always will.

Regarding the return of this series, it is one great tidal wave. They have not only luring the old fans back with hints of rumors, subtle info that makes you glue into your seats and not to mention the tsunami of awesome merchandises being produced this year and in the future months, they have created a phenomena for possibly new fans to watch out for. Potentially because of its great fanbase internationally, it is definitely impossible that an ordinary otaku (or perhaps an ordinary human being for that matter) would not know Sailor Moon. Cosplay also gave the series an avenue to keep its freshness despite the ending of the original series. That is why I really appreciate these cosplayers especially in international shores where they keep the nostalgia alive by cosplaying their favorite Senshi or villain from the show.

As we try to go deeper into the context of why people love or hate it, it all comes to one great conclusion that this show is something worth watching out for. It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore fan from the start of it all, a new fan, or perhaps a person who despises it because it is just too girly for your taste, one thing's for sure the fanbase will continue to grow and will definitely stay. I honestly consider Sailor Moon as a "blessing" for me as a fan because if it weren't for the franchise, I would have not become a person who hungers for something worth talking about instead rather than just talk about people or nonsense stuff all the time.

I can't wait for the return of this legendary heroine!

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