Sunday, September 8, 2013

Epo-ditorial : When your fandom breaks like a mirror.

According to Ernest Hemingway, "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places."


First of all, this is definitely the hardest thing to write about: about a situation where your fandoms get destroyed by certain individuals. This is indeed complicated but finally gathered enough courage to discuss it here.

Just recently, I got back loving a certain anime series which was a big hit during the 90's (I decided to blur out the said name of the anime for guessing purposes or for my own sake.). I was the happiest person to know that I loved this series and in the end, it got me to love anime, manga, and the entire otaku culture altogether. In this current generation, I thought my sudden spread of the throwback would be a benefit for true fans of the said series from their childhood until the present. I was wrong.

Cosplay and the power of Social Media is taking the world by storm to the point that people use this as a so called avenue to ride the waves. I am talking about these people who only have little knowledge (OR NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL!!) on the said series and they just want to be the character because it's attractive or popular. This has happened to me not only once but twice already! To think it was some memorable characters of two different series. This time the second blow was just too much for me to handle. Something must be done.

If you are going to portray someone, it should be done by devotion and by heart possibly for the benefit of the fans. I am fearing for the worse. If one does it, a couple of people would follow the "trend". I know I tend to be exaggerating about the matter, but if you try to look at the bigger picture-- a little crack can go worse if not fixed or mended immediately.

Keep it mind that though you have boost your ego because of the said character via the said hobby, what would become of the audience who witnessed it? The fans of the said series who witnessed the portrayal on the spot? You getting the so called glory you deserve while people are heartbroken about it? Think about it. I am not pointing any fingers on this but truly this how I feel and this is what other people feel about it when their characters get murdered. Though I give credit to people who have portrayed the character but lacks a few of the details or improves the character later on, I can say that you would definitely know who is real and who is just doing it for the kicks. People who are just doing it for selfish intention are growing like dandelions.

My tip for people who are experiencing (or will soon be experiencing) the same situation as mine, keep loving the fandom. Though it hurts like a mirror,keep these five words in mind: Keep Calm and Carry On.

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