Sunday, May 5, 2013

Anime Review Ramblings: Psycho-Pass


I totally missed the feeling of watching an anime and just sharing your views about it. So I'm going to review one of my recent anime favorites of the past season: Psycho-Pass.

This seemed to be not so fresh anymore since the anime already ended a long time ago. But nevertheless, I feel that I am not too late in giving my says about this anime. Watch out for minor spoilers. But for the convenience of everybody, I will make this review in a way that both parties wont be disappointed in providing additional sauce or spoiling it. So here it goes.

Honestly speaking, the reason I got so curious with this anime because I stumbled upon one of its images in a known image dump site.  I saw one of the characters named Yayoi and that hot techy woman named Shion. When it was seemed to be confirmed at the start of the series that they were in a relationship, I decided to follow this anime to see how far does it go. Sad that Yayoi only had a few airtimes and the techy doc only got a few cameos and voice spots here and there. But nonetheless I enjoyed the anime to every minute of it.

I think I like the way how the word "Justice" was used and manipulated. It makes the audience even question more if the series itself is really following what's right and wrong. A bit of plot twists and surprises really keeps you hanging on not to mention the different character plots and their side stories.That is how addicting Psycho-Pass is. Of course, how could I forget the badass Dominator gun. The details and the awesomenss of the gun just make you want to have one yourself as well.

But then again, due to the series' uniqueness, I tend to get lost sometimes. Especially some of the characters' names and the other people's side plots. The insertions of classical music, some literature, and philosophies gives you additional witty information for your brain while watching the anime.

Some transitions of the characters' personality can be a nerve-wreck of confusion too for some people. Take one of the protagonist Akane (voiced by Kana Hanazawa), I find the sudden transition of her sweetness to aggressiveness kind of awkward a bit. But then as expected, I was able to get used to her as a character. In fact. I love her when she goes all badass and stuff (see the last episode). I am truly confident that this sudden shift was inspired by also one of the lead protagonists, Kougami. They are certainly part of my OTP list. There is no confirmation yet about what is really the status between the two but I find them quite a cute pair together.

Each episode was something worth looking out for. They seem to have captured the audience by giving us that cliffhanger feeling. I also give this anime points for not making me skip the end sequence or the end theme of every episode because simply put -- the continuation of the story is still there unfolding while the credits are rolling.

So if you are looking for an anime that has more pump-up action and you need a different flavor in your anime viewing, then Psycho-Pass is definitely for you. I am sure that because of its uniqueness from all the other mainstream animes out there, you would probably recommend this to your friends as well. :)

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