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Defying Gravity!- St. Mary School's Wicked


Last February 9 2013, I was able to watch St. Mary School's production of Wicked performed at the Rodelsa Hall, Cagayan de Oro city. This is probably my first Review of a Musical Production and the first review I have to make this year. Honestly speaking, it really deserves to have one! I wont be spoiling much contents of the story for the benefit of those who have not watched the musical (and to those who have not read the novel.)

I have been an enthusiast of Broadway, West End, Off-Broadway musicals, and operas since I was young. I have to admit that I wasn't able to go and witness a real musical live in Broadway (but I'm hoping someday.) But though this dream has not been reached, I took the liberty to listen to their Official Cast Recordings. Wicked is probably one of my personal faves and probably the most memorable one. I was introduced to the musical and its songs last 2008 when my friend Amanda introduced me to it. I did not really paid too much attention to the musical at first since it was like a rendition of L. Frank Baum's masterpiece The Wizard of Oz. When she told me that it was sort of like a side-story of the said masterpiece, I decided to listen to the soundtrack, then got hooked into the musical and the novels (its original base of the musical) altogether.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="341"] Elphaba and Glinda during the scene "Popular"[/caption]

The week before the said play proper, they were able to do a preview in the new mall Centrio last February 2, 2013. I totally liked the people who played Elphaba and Glinda! My personal faves during the preview were probably Popular and Defying Gravity. My hair stand on end on Defying Gravity seriously to the point that I gave out my loudest applause. The 2nd cast of the play also did a good job during the song One Short Day. Conclusion: Me and my friend were convinced to watch the play the week after that. We bought tickets for the last Gala show which was February 9, 7pm.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="341"] Our tickets to Wicked. In Background is my Out of Oz novel by Gregory Maguire :D[/caption]

I watched the play while wearing the "I <3 Oz" shirt that Amanda gave me. But due to Rodelsa Hall's house rules, I had to wear my overcoat with it for formalities sake.

During the first part of the play, I really like how the costumes of the flying monkeys were made (CHISTERY!!!). I honestly did not expect Glinda to be hoisted up on stage causing me to have a mixture of worry and excitement at first. Still, I applauded for the overture was a great exciting start. As the play progressed, I could not help but sharing a bit of spoilers to my friend and she also asked questions during some parts. I also applauded how quick the scenes change in just seconds and believe it or not... the props and settings were very accurate. The makeup and costumes of the characters are also accurate to the last detail.

The "What is this Feeling?" song was portrayed so great that I instantly got connected to the characters. During the song "Popular", I really like how comedic it was and I couldn't help but laughed out loud. The audience loved it. The scenes where Madam Morrible changes the weather was just so cool too. A thumbs up to that!

If someone asks me what was my favorite part of the whole thing, of course! It's none other than the last scene of Act 1 and that is none other than Defying Gravity!

When I saw that floating broom on stage, I knew something great was coming up and I was right! Elphaba was then hoisted up in the air! My hair stand on end from the climax of the song till the end. I could not help it but saying "Bravo" twice with applause as the curtains close. The awesomeness was so high, we did not leave our seats in preparation for Act 2.

[caption id="attachment_1161" align="alignnone" width="526"]"Tell them how I am Defying Gravity!" Photo courtesy of Amanda Zablan "Tell them how I am Defying Gravity!"
Photo courtesy of Amanda Zablan[/caption]

Act 2 left me into things that I did not expect. First was "As long as you're mine." I seriously did not expect that kiss! (or two~) Seriously, the crowd went wild (I'm one of them!). Then also the part when the two witches fight. It was a serious yet funny scene and the people just enjoyed it.

Everything start to fall into place and near its end when "For Good" was then played. "For Good" is honestly, my favorite song in the musical.  Just seeing these kids portraying them perfectly just moved me to sing along.

From start to end, the show was just awesome. Though I have not went to Broadway or Gershwin Theater to watch a musical, I consider this memorable and an awesome musical production that I watched so far here in the city. A two thumbs up!

Special mentions to: Teacher Joey-sensei for helping me with the tickets.

Amanda for being my companion in watching the musical and for the awesome I <3 Oz T-shirt :'D

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