Friday, May 25, 2012

Milk Morinaga's New Manga series - School Police just released!

Milk Morinaga's New Manga for the latest Comic High magazine has just been released. School Police based on observation (and reading some translations provided by anons), it's a new different style of character design this time and it is centered in school. Reminds me of  Morinaga's previous work, The Secret Recipe.

I might give more updates as soon as more information will be released. For now, still waiting for generous people to provide the raws for us.

I really like Morinaga's new character design. From long blonde and short black hair scheme to a long black hair and blonde pigtails scheme. It's going to be another head start and a better way to start the season!

On a side note, it seemed that the Yuri mangaka has received an award for her work, Girl Friends. Congratulations Milk Morinaga! It seems your fanbase has not only reached Asia but it also reached France (which the manga volumes are officially translated in French), and other western countries. More to come!

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