Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heartless Eponine's 2012 current trend list

After a long long hiatus (seriously, this statement has become very very redundant now. I need to get off it.), I am finally back from the grave. I hope that from here on in, I would finally try to be more updated and give the latest updates possibly everyday.

To some who have asked what exactly happened lately, I am back fresh from a big breakup. Don't worry. I am fine and still breathing. Honestly, I'm still quite surprised myself why my recovery seemed so very fast. Probably would give credit to my friends, my family, and to a certain someone. 3 years was really something for me but oh well, we really can't help it. Life's like that I suppose.

Recently, I was promoted as Moderator for the Online Yuri Community, Yuri-Garden. Please do have time to check on the site! It's a perfect hangout for all Yuri Lovers.

Another thing here is my real life priorities. Seriously speaking, ever since a certain professor had to fail me due to intimidation over the previous semester, I have been deteriorating bit by bit over the past months. I've been slacking off like hell and try to add up all the other stuff like the breakup and my fight with my bestfriend. For now, everything is ok especially with my best bud. :/ I have no particular comment whatsoever about my ex-boyfriend anymore. meh.

Also in addition to that, I have been given the responsibility as the Managing Editor for our College's School Publication. Tough job and pretty hectic. I am hoping with a little perseverance, I can finally graduate this year or next year.

Officially single, I have been venturing with a lot of "trends" that got me alive and kicking lately. So instead of jotting them all down in a lot of blog posts, I decided to put them all in one setting.

Please take note that this is not in a specific order. Trying to write down everything that I can (still) remember. :)

1. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd


I don't know about you, but I am part of those people who is officially crazy with this game. Created by CAPCOM, it's an RPG game in which you hunt monsters, gather items, and create armors. You can quest alone or have a fun adhoc session with friends.

2. Cardfight!! Vanguard

It's been the latest card game trend lately. I just had my deck thanks to my friend Jake Koyomi. Using Neo Nectars right now. :) It's pretty fun and much easier than my previous card game that I played, Yu-Gi-Oh. Still getting the hang of the gameplay.

3. Weiss Schwarz

It is another card game from the same creators as Vanguard. You have anime characters are card sprites and each has its own unique effects and attacks. It's similar to Vanguard but much more complicated. Still trying to get the hang of the game.

4. Symphogear


My current favorite anime. I honestly admit that I have not been active with the latest animes because of the things that have been happening. But hey, I got to say this anime's just totally epic. My favorite character is Kazanari Tsubasa. I was so in fangirl mode for the past few months because she is just extremely epic. Oh yeah, she is voiced by Nana Mizuki. :) I don't want to spoil. Just check it out if you like to see girls singing and kicking evil badass booty.

So I guess that what's been making me busy lately. :) See you in my next posts~

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