Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossom Pink Chapter 1 - OMG! <3

I am starting to love Milk Morinaga more and more this year. This chapter alone of Kisses and Sighs explains it all!

In the first chapter, we meet Nana and Hitomi riding together in the bus hand in hand. Though they were officially "a couple", they decided to keep their relationship a secret especially to everyone around them. But this does not stop Hitomi finding an opportunity to kiss and show affection to her innocent lover.


Heartless Eponine says:

Yes, I do admit that I am a  girl but I just find these type of genre too cute to resist. But reminding everyone that my orientation is straight (Heck I'm engaged to my otaku fiance!) and I respect people no matter what their sexual orientation is. Just don't cross the line about it though. Thanks. :)


Anyways, if you guys haven't read the first series which was really the base of the sequel and chapter, then I suggest you read it first to give you a little orientation of Nana and Hitomi's background in the story. :D More updates soon!


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