Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pray for the Philippines

Hey guys! Another Heartless Eponine update

This seems to be a sad one though. Over the past days, the Philippines has been struck with typhoons. From the deadly "Pedring", to "Quiel" and next "Ramon". Just hearing these typhoon names heard and flashed on TV just makes me sad and fill with worry for my fellow kababayans who were affected with the typhoon and floods.


Guys if you are reading this post, please pray for the Philippines. The upper areas of the country are still trying their best to recover from the damage. But if you have time, pray, donate, and help. I totally believe in the power of prayer and I know all our prayers will be answered. I just noticed that some of the visitors in this blog have read this post of mine from way back.

You know, that can really help. To the generous of hearts, if you have stuff that you don't use anymore, please give them to the proper agencies which their purpose to give service and help out these people who are in need of our support. I am calling this out especially to my fellow kababayans. It is about time that we give a part of our selves who are in need.


Hope you guys are doing great and God Bless us all. ^_^

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