Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nana and Hitomi on September 2011 Comic High! Issue~

I'm Alive! :|

I would like to thank the people of /u/ for this awesome sauce. I wonder if someone will pick it up and scanlate for us hungry Morinaga fangirls. *cough AE-sama *cough* where are you?

You got it right! It's Milk Morinaga's beloved Nana and Hitomi on September's cover of Comic High!

What inside? Some have given us hints that we have Morinaga, Morishima, and Shimura in one silver platter! How's that for epic yuri goodness?


I just hope someone picks this up and scanlate. I'm keeping my links updated and of course, I'll post it here. Till here!


A little sidenote: my apologies for the sudden disappearance. So many things to do and I only have less time on my hands. x.x but well...I'm back!

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