Monday, May 2, 2011

Tokyopop closes its North American operations. Effective May 31,2011. :(

Hey guys. I just have to make a quick post just in case people weren't aware yet.

For many years, Tokyopop has provided us official licensed English translations of our favorite manga titles. Prime collector's items especially in our bookshelves.  The sad news is it had released an announcement last month that they will be closing down their operations in North America. :(

One of Tokyopop's known releases to name a few are CLAMP works such as Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHolic, and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. And it seems that they have took interest in Milk Morinaga's Yuri manga Girl Friends as well. Below is a picture of Tokyopop's shelves containing raw manga.

Can you see Mari and Akko? :D
Anyway, Tokyopop is currently having a "garage sale". Yes, it is something to droll and crave for but it's a sad thing at the same time.

Though the North American operations will be closing, the other Tokyopop companies such as in Europe and in Germany are not affected.

Let's hope that there will still be another ray of hope for the official English manga releases and the industry as a whole.

Read more all about it here.

And to those people who say that they want their money back and demanding for a refund? Geezus! *facepalm*

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