Saturday, March 26, 2011

Octave 35: Awwww....

images are from mangafox. Credit of the images go to the site.

Octave 35 has just been released. About time! In this Chapter we have Setsuko and Miyashita again. A mixed chapter of emotions as I must say. Little by little, each girl's  secrets and confessions is slowly revealing. This chapter revealed how Setsuko's personality changed within the story which is probably obvious as Miyashita explains.

In the end they both realized that because of that sudden change, not only Setsuko was affected but also Miyashita. They both changed and develop a certain bond causing all the awkward feelings to slowly fade away. They have changed together!

I would like and to agree on Setsuko when she said about "sacrifice". Sacrifice doesn't mean that she had to devote and risk her life for her girlfriend, I think it means that she is there for her no matter what and she do what ever means necessary just to be with her. Thus, her vacation plan with Miyashita.

I'm contented with this chapter. I just wish Tranquil Springs scans will be able to scanlate the remaining chapters soon. ^ w ^

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