Sunday, March 20, 2011

GIRL FRIENDS - Mari and Akko Cosplay!

Just this evening, I was browsing for anything GF just to satisfy my fangirlism. Then something just caught my eye. A link from Cosplay Community site CURE. I detected GIRL FRIENDS cosplay!

Credits of this image is from Cosplay Community Cure.  Not me. ^^

Looking at some thumbnails, it got me excited and thrilled because I thought no one ever cosplayed Mari and Akko before. I registered an account for CURE to view the images (it's a must since they wont let you see the full images.)

You can see the rest of the images here.

Heartless Eponine says:

Before anything else, I would like to say that I salute these people for attempting to cosplay such unique manga characters. (hey, to think that Girl Friends doesn't have an anime.) I give them plus points for that.

So far, this is a start for more Mari and Akko cosplayers. That's all I can say. Hope there's more room for improvement that way audiences can really feel the Mari and Akko-ness. So for now, kudos to these cosplayers. Cosplay is about expression after all and trying ones best to portray their character as accurate as possible.

^_^ Hoping for more cooler Mari and Akko cosplays! <3

Isn't it awesome that there are a lot of GF fans out there? :'3

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  1. nyaa!!! soo beautifull!! i love girl friends, in fact im getting more and more addict to read it *¬* uhuhuhuuuuu....~~