Sunday, January 16, 2011

Octave Chapter 33 - Shiori you troll!

Hey guys! I'm back again with another review on the latest chapter released in the Octave manga with the chapter title Paradise.

One word: TROLL! Why? I'll tell you why! (forgive me if you haven't read the chapter yet. But spoilers ahead.)

Shiori the bitch is fooling around with Miyashita-san...again. During the break on her photoshoot, she kissed Miyashita on the lips. Argh! She began to act like that to Miya-san (again -_-;) when she heard that she has already moved in with her "boyfriend." Well, of course she knew that it was Setsuko.

On the other side of the story, it seems that Setsuko just had another big break. While going home, she stopped by at some travel agency and went to look for some travel guides on some places. She was really excited to take Miya-san out on a date away from Tokyo.

Somewhere, Miya and Shiori had a talk together. Miyashita told her client to never do a kissing stunt on her again. Shiori then told her to kiss her one more time and she wont ask for more. Miya then closed her eyes but the ending of it was just a plain troll trick by Shiori (seriously, she's giving me a headache now.) She then made comment that Miyashita-san is still weak, confused and she is not sure about her decisions. She left her crying. The hell.

Mika-chan, Miya's friend then appeared as she saw her wept. Oh boy.


HeartlessEpo says: I don't have a problem with Mika. She harmless. But I just wish Shiori would just not interrupt Miya and Setsuko's relationship darn it! Dx

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