Sunday, December 19, 2010

GIRL FRIENDS DRAMA CD cast revealed!

Milk Morinaga just updated her blog tonight!

*looks at pic above* I think this is a fanart * w *


Special thanks to my online friend Aivee for the heads up! ^ w ^


You've read it right ladies and gentlemen! The Girl Friends Drama CD cast has finally been revealed by the mangaka herself. Great news! The Drama CD will be released JANUARY 28 2011! What a great time to start the new year ei? XD Oh, and Morinaga mentioned that it can be bought internationally via Amazon so keep updated guys! :3

(Ok, so for now I don't want to name names on what are my wishes or demands for this etc, etc so whoever is willing to do something for the benefit of hungry Girl Friends / Morinaga fangirls and fanboys, then please do.) XD I don't want this blog to get closed again.

So JANUARY 28 IT IS! Below are the confirmed cast of the GF Drama CD (source is from her blog)

akko : Endou Aya san
mari : Sasaki Mikoi san
tamamin : Kanai Mikan san
sugisan : Kobayashi Yuu san

kuno chin : Tachibana Izumi san
taguchi : Seto Asami san
naruchan sensei : Hagai Mari san
tamatsukuri sensei : Kawahara Yoshihisa san

joseito : Kaneko Mika san

Special thanks to my friend Aivee for translating. It's not that accurate so there is a possible for change. ^_^!


  1. Arigatou!! O~O
    You made me so happy!!!! All that's left is to wait for it to be released...! I'd so buy it when I get my payment!!!

  2. is this just a soundtrack? not like a film or something?