Monday, May 10, 2010

Girl Friends Chapter 30 and 31- Jealous Akko is Jealous! Jealous Mari is Jealous!

Ok, I know it seems to be too late to make a chapter review but better late than never at all!

Ok, let's go what we've left off! Mari and Akko were together in the winter break. Shopping and shopping and shopping. It's just so cute to see those two together. Mari gave Akko a star bracelet. The contents on Akko's note for Mari was very heartwarming. In that note, Akko expressed her cute love for Mari.

Flash forward. Akko wanted to do a bit of PDA (Public Display of Affection) to Mari in school. But Mari didn't want it because she don't want her friends and classmates to be suspicious about them.

Then enter a new challenger...errr....I mean MAYU-chan (You know, Mari's old classmate?) She wanted to meet up with Mari.

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