Saturday, April 10, 2010

Milk Morinaga's The Secret Recipe Chapter 4! [Additional Side-note included: VOTE FOR MILK MORINAGA]

Kyaaa~ Chapter 4 is really <3. T_T Too bad it's me who is late. Aww well.

So we have them both all alone in the Cooking Club's annual meeting. xD There's a bit of nostalgia in this chapter as Horikawa-san shows some pictures to Wakatsuki of a cake that the Cooking Club made last year. Trying to make the President proud (or make her fall in love with her more if you ask me. XD), Wakatsuki-san decided to make one for her beloved President. xD The results were shocking and surprising.

Did I mention that Wakatsuki Chihiro made a wedding cake?! Just read this chapter to find out.

Oh in case if you're lazy of downloading the chapter in .zip file in Lililicious, you can now read it online in Mangafox. I just found out as I google'd the thing xD.

Oh, I just need to post this! Dynasty Scans (YES! Your source for the Sasameki Koto manga) placed a poll with a question "Who is your favorite Yuri mangaka?" Milk Morinaga is ranked #1 with 58.1% of the votes.

;) You can vote on the poll here. xD Support Milk Morinaga people! >:3

You don't believe me? Here's pure proof for you!!! xD