Monday, April 12, 2010

Girl Friends manga to end on Volume 4. It's 4 more chapters left. T^T

I got the source from Nyamotaku's post in Mangafox.

T_T It's sad. According to Milk Morinaga's Tweet to a certain Goto Hayako, she's feeling a bit anxious reaching this far, and with 4 chapters left for her to get everything over with, she's feeling more stressed. -Nyamotaku's translation on the tweet.

So Volume 4 is the last. With the story progressing beautifully now, we should all expect a happy ending from this.

It has been a journey. I started reading this manga since last year. With such an unforgettable story, I'm not even sure if I'm ready to embrace its ending.

^_^ Let Akko and Mari live in our hearts forever!

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  1. whhhaatt ?!! T.T
    this is so sad .. the story's been progressing beautifully .. i want it to continue .. fuwaa~~ XC