Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sakura X Tomoyo anyone?

Now if out of the blue someone asks me, "Hey, you're into YURI right? So which pairing started it all? When? How?"

XD Ok ok. To tell you honestly, my ultimate fandom for Yuri started with one of the most well loved anime during my Elementary days. That's none other than Cardcaptor Sakura. Yup! Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji. My first Yuri pairing EVER!

Now  you may ask? How? They're just best friends?

lemme share you an image:

Believe it or not, this art is officially drawn by CLAMP. It's Tomoyo and Sakura luring into a kiss. So yeah, I guess that's about it. At the 6th grade, I started to reading Yuri fics, then soon enough, yuri fics that contain "Lemon" and pretty soon "H". (But not always, lol)

There are some Sakura X Tomoyo doujins out there and some are scanlated by generous hearts.

Below are some doujins that I downloaded from MoonlitNights. I reuploaded them here because it seems that the site owner didn't update the site since 2006. lol! So I reuploaded them for my benefit and for you yuri lovers. Sigh, I really pity MoonlitNights. It's one of the first yuri sites I've visited. :'( When I checked back the site last night,  most of the site content are broken links na. Sigh...

Anyways, here are some S x T doujins. Careful though, some are H. xD

Honey Moon

Angel Time

Love Cherry


  1. no comment :P hahaha pero I like them as sisters XD hehehe....

  2. Of the 3 doujins that I provided for download, Honey Moon is non-H one. ENJOY! XD

  3. I totally agree with you. Sakura and Tomoyo are perfect for each other. I'm a huge fan of Moonlit nights too. Listen, I have three Sakura/Tomoyo yuri vids on youtube I made and they are brand new. My username is Anime210freak. You can't miss me on there. If you watch them, let me know on youtube.

  4. Ok, thanks for that. ^_^ It's good to know that they are also Sakura X Tomoyo fans out there. ^^v

  5. Awesome thx a lot for this Sakura and Tomoyo isn't my first one. unforunatly i got into when it turn into cardcaptors and by then I'd already found Nanoha and Fate, but Sakuoyo will always be the one that makes me cry, like those bitter tears because Sakura never realised how Tomoyo felt. Now I know others are the same way and I'm not sure why I wanted them to be cannon so much its just... ahh i can't really explain it i just do and it hurts so much that they aren't. BTW i can't stand Sayoran... at all.... anyway thx for this much loved

  6. yeah this pairing is one of the best! but as usual sakura is oblivious about the other side grrrrrrrrrrrr! there are other pairings for me hmmmmmm.... sachiko/yumi, nanoha/subaru, utena/anthy and others i forgot already there are numerous.... can't mention anymore

  7. ahahahaha welcome to the club XD hehe :3

  8. they're 10 (or 11?) how can you people make a hentai of them? D=