Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So Ra No Wo To episode 4 - The true sound revealed!

This episode was definitely for Noel fanboys! xD

Anyways if you remember on Episode 3, a tank that played Amazing Grace was featured and the name of that tank was Takemikazuchi. In this episode, Noel was trying to fix it because there seems to be a part broken.

So Kanata and Noel were ordered by Rio to buy some supplies and replace the part that was broken in Takemikazuchi.

That part was a glass circle. Without that part, it would function properly as Noel explained. Fast forward, Kanata and Noel went to a glass shop to ask for help. This was the part when Kanata was really demotivated on her bugle playing. When everything was about to go down the drain, the glass blower and owner of the shop motivated Kanata to never give up and let the sound flow.

The series ended with a soothing sound of the trumpet and Noel smiling as they went back to the headquarters and got the tank fixed! :3

Argh! Another rush blog! DX

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