Saturday, February 20, 2010

Girl Friends 29! - MARI AND AKKO CHRISTMAS!!

Ho~ Ho~ Love is in the air! What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day with a GIRL FRIENDS 29 review.

Last month was a bit disappointing. First is, the raw releases was very late. Someone even sacrificed their Paypal/Money to buy the Comic High magazine just to scan the raws for us. We got what we wanted but it wasn't high quality though. Thankfully Ris of MakiMaki was able to find clearer version of the raws. Hoho~

Sorry for this very late post by the way.  One of the main reasons are my majors. I had to make a music video and ugh~! X__X I was also pissed off on the 10,000 comments posted on MakiMaki in which most of them are SPAM.

Note: If are sick of waiting for the RAWS and dieing for it, please. Can you guys give a break and subscribe to the RSS feeds? I'm just saying!

Ok, anyways. Now for the breakdown.

In this chapter we see Mari and Akko at school. A different aura this time. This was a Christmas Chapter. Everyone's getting a bit excited to give gifts to their special someone. Hearing this conversation with their friends, Mari and Akko then looked at each other innocently. Aww...

Yes, it was their first Christmas together as a couple. So sweet. I like the part when Akko passionately hugged Mari from behind in PUBLIC. Mari told Akko that it was public and many will see so it's like she's still trying to play safe and cool which she is also guilty of herself still.

With their relationship getting stronger bit by bit, Akko is all squeals about it. Though her only wish is Mari to be confident and even kiss her more.

Christmas eve! Both girls decided to go shopping together. Along the busy streets, Akko locked her arm into Mari's arm. Also along that busy road, Mari met her classmate in grade school. She complimented how cute Mari had become. As Mari introduced Akko to her friend, she said "She's a friend from highschool." This statement from Mari made Akko a bit uncomfortable and wishes she would say something like "She's my Girlfriend so buzz off! >: D" lol just joking! XD

Anyways, what made Akko very confident in their relationship was they were both girls and people wouldn't mind them clinging in each others arms because it's normal for girls to do that.

One of the last pages of the chapter revealed both girls exchanging gifts. When Mari went home, she opened her present from Akko and was surprised to receive a pinky ring from her and a letter. The contents of the note is still unknown but what I know it's from Akko and it contains a spam of I LOVE YOU's and etc, etc, etc. xD

So I guess that's the summary of the latest chapter so far! Stay tuned for Chapter 30! :D

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