Monday, January 11, 2010

So Ra No Wo To - Just another K-ON clone?

An otaku friend from the anime community that I joined in, recommended me this anime. Yes, at first glance you will say these : "It looks like K-ON!" "Another K-ON clone?" or something like "IT'S THE SAME SH*T!"

I think of it differently. True, the drawings are similar to the well loved K-ON characters. But the feel of the anime is different. The backgrounds, especially the music, is breathtaking. Never have I seen such movie-like atmosphere than in this anime. Sue me but I haven't watched K-On yet as much as I wanted to. I'm still loaded with a lot of work (yeah, right.) But let's go back to main deal now.

The story is focused on a girl named Kanata who was all alone as a result of a war. She was able to start a new track in life when a trumpeteer inspired her to join the army and learn how to play the trumpet.

Episode 1 isn't bad. The art is breathtaking, and I recommend it 100%. It's not like K-ON. For those people who think it's just the same shit, then try to watch the episodes. You might change your mind. :D


  1. i think it's interesting. :) having a girl that is a trumpeter. ^^ trumpet is such a nice instrument.. makes very bright tunes. :D i might check out this anime. :)

  2. You must watch this! I recommend it 100%! ^__^~