Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Ra No Wo To episode 2 - "Who?" "Who?"

My first blog post in talking about one episode which is still fresh and I will blog about it. << ok, that seems long to make it short. lolz

Ok, So Ra No Wo To never failed to impress me with its opening. The opening has a feel of Elfen Lied into it. Then somebody from our Anime Community then said that the director was also the same person who directed the Elfen Lied anime. Wow, neat! It gives out a mysterious feel into the story. Makes you want to watch it due to the mysteriousness of the plot. Ok, I'm getting too deep here. hehe

In this episode, the 1121st platoon members is slowly revealed and introduced to the viewers. But there was one person that got my attention. The girl named Kureha. (Please refer to the top 2nd pic.) She acts too strict and cute at the same time that you have nothing to do but to stare at her and say "Kyaaa~~". Well, it's pretty obvious she's a tsundere...and she loves guns. :3

Ok, next is Rio. Rio as we already knew in the first episode, is Kanata's bugle teacher. Her voice is kinda manly but maybe this one of the indications that she's the leader of the platoon so it didn't bother me a bit.

Next is Noel. She was one of the reasons why it gave the episode a bit of humor. Noel reminded me of Yuki Nagato from Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. I loved her character. She's quiet and innocent.

Next is Felicia. When you see this girl, one word comes in mind: "MUGI!" Yes, she's almost look like Mugi + glasses. I don't know if he behavior's like Mugi since I haven't watched K-ON yet. But I like her motherly figure as a character though.

In this episode, Kureha was in a sort of rant mode because she was ordered to tour the noob (Kanata) around the base. hehe! Then in that stormy day, Noel saw a ghostly figure in the base barracks. Going to prove that no such things existed, they decided to check it out. Of course, not all dared to go. So they decided to make Kureha and Kanata do the job.

[caption id="attachment_268" align="alignnone" width="457" caption="Aww isn't that cute? XD *U*"][/caption]

I'm sorry. I couldn't help my Yuri senses. I just couldn't remove those Kureha X Kanata blushing moments. Kanamemo Nostalgia much? XD

Ok, the final outcome of the episode is the so called ghost is only an OWL. Yes, it was an owl. The ghost that was shown in the barracks wasn't clear so I can't make a conclusion if it was really the Owl or it was something else. But it was a happy ending in the end. They couldn't cook the owl because it's dishonor since their symbol of their platoon is an owl. (Sorry Rio, I know you're hungry. xD)

...and stay tuned for next week! EPISODE 3! Man, I so love this! ;3

[caption id="attachment_269" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="HO-SHI~ DID THAT OWL JUST TURNED 2D! XD"][/caption]


  1. Ah finally someone else thinks they tuned up the les yay between Kureha and Kanata. Or Yui and Azusa if you squick.

  2. I don't know with you but I respected that opinion. I think this is a different kind of story. Go ahead and say it's just the same K-ON moeblob. The same or not, it has some sort of uniqueness to it. It's Anime no Chikara for you :D!

    And reguarding les yay over Kureha and Kanata, this is just a personal fan opinion. I don't know about other people. This is a blog review post about the episode/anime after all. :P