Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Megpoid Gumi- Goodbye to Alice

And again another Vocaloid Song Recommendation!

It's Megpoid Gumi again with the song Goodbye to Alice by Nem. A sad painful song I guess. It's a story of a girl who is slowly matured from a child to a teen.

Below is the translated song of the lyrics in English (from youtube user ikuy398)

A picture book I opened, hiding myself into my bed
Papa and mama don't notice it

Hi, Rabbit
Keep on stopping that clock

Take me beyond the page
I don't want to stay here any more

The dream I dream in my dream: Phantom land
That voice is hearable for me
I'm beating fast for the midnight adventure
Tell me the sequel of this
Before the night is over

Don't sweetly look at me forever
Neither milk nor sugar are needed
Hi, Rabbit. How did you do?
You are taciturn recently...

Beyond the page, it's always the same
I don't want to stay there any more

I stopped dreaming. I'm not miserable
The voice can't be remembered any more
My new dress can't be made dirty
I can't play together
So, goodbye to Alice

The second hand started moving, released magic will
have clouded up the truth

The phantom land that bloomed in the inside of me
Take me to there again
Still I don't intend to become grown-up

To flying birds in the eternity sky,
I have no way but to look up now

La La La La...

The picture book that mama gave me?
I had already burnt it

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